There’s Comfort in Talking to Strangers

When we were children, we have heard the age old advice from our elders, “Never talk to strangers”. It’s an advice we never fail to impart to our children also. But, as an adult, we begin to feel comfortable among strangers. We come across strangers everyday in our lives, a casual good morning nod to a stranger while out on a morning walk, a stray conversation with someone sitting across us on our daily ride on the bus or train, a smile and ‘how do you do’ to the sales clerk ringing up your purchases…

You never meet some of these strangers ever again in your life, but then some slowly become acquaintances and possibly some blossom into friendships. Sometimes there’s comfort in talking to complete strangers because they have no preconceived notions about you and listen to what you have to say without being judgmental and sometimes that’s exactly what we need….sharing your thoughts without being judged about who you are.

Talking to strangers sometimes helps immensely when you are trying to overcome grief. In times of turmoil, solace can be sought in being alone in the midst of strangers. Don’t we sometimes go for a walk by ourselves to clear our head of cluttered thoughts? Blogging is that walk among strangers, penning your thoughts hoping someone will read and provide that unopinionated solace you are seeking.

So… here is my first step into the blogging world of total strangers… 🙂